Toeganklikheid versus geloofwaardigheid?

Die gebruik van sosiale media in gebeure soos die aardskudding in Haïti is baie voordelig, soos daar reeds beklemtoon is. Tendense soos Twitter en Facebook is toeganklik vir die massas en gee aan elke Jan Rap die geleentheid om sy persoonlike ervaring binne sekondes met die wye wêreld te deel. Die nuuswaarde en betroubaarheid van elke bron moet egter krities bevraagteken word. Daar sal altyd een of ander bliksem agter ‘n rekenaar sit wat sensasie wil skep. Ek het op die onderstaande artikel afgekom en wou dit graag met julle deel:       

Fake Haiti Photos hit web

The dust had barely settled on Haiti before social media sites - especially Twitter - began buzzing with news and photos of the devastating earthquake.

But some of the pictures were not genuine - they were from last February’s quake in China, the 2004 Japan tremor and even regular shots of Haiti from the internet.

Bloggers and ”tweeters” are often first on the scene as witnesses with cameras and phones. But high-resolution images published on Twitter so quickly rang alarm bells for one computer science graduate, Miguel Rios.

”I noticed that the picture was fake when I saw that there were nine other pictures posted in different sites, the original one on the National Geographic website,” he said.

Although Mr Rios has seen how Twitter can be useful in emergencies and faster than traditional media, he says publishing wrong information or photos reduces its credibility.

”By abusing the power Twitter gives to citizens to report … information, we return to the model in which news [has] to be confirmed by a respected or trusted entity before being believed. That adds a lot of time of waiting before adding credibility to an image or, even worse, to a tsunami warning or another event that can be avoided or mitigated.”

A photo obtained from Twitter which purportedly shows a destroyed building on in Port-au-Prince after the Haitian capital was struck by an earthquake. It was later proven to be a fake.

bron: http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/3233737/Fake-Haiti-photos-hit-web

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